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Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Our Greatest Glory is Not in Never Falling, But in Rising Every Time We Fall"

What is better than Disney World? What is better than Oreo Cheesecake? What is better than a ice cold Coke after a long day at Six Flags?


So I decided to take her back. Georgia Tech football has proven herself worthy for my support week after week. I couldn't believe it. I don't think anyone on campus could believe it. After a long week of Homecoming activities, it was great to see the Yellow Jackets walk out with a "W". And rushing the field was exhilarating. I can now say that I have done it twice. Both times have been during a Homecoming game. And both times have been during an upset of a top five team. Speaking of Homecoming activities, this is probably one of my favorite weeks at Georgia Tech. Why? Because there is just so much school spirit. It is contagious. We have the classic Homecoming events such as Mock Rock, Talent Show, Mini 500, Freshman Cake Race, and Homecoming Parade. This year, I played for two different teams: Delta Chi and Matheson, Perry, Hanson (dorm).

What are all these traditional Homecoming events? Here is a quick run through:
Mock Rock: A lip sync and dance competition.
Talent Show: Pretty self explanatory. A showcase of one's talents.
Mini 500: A relay race around Peter's Parking Deck on tricycles.
Freshman Cake Race: A foot race by the freshman class.
Homecoming Parade: A timeless parade of contraptions and floats made by the students.

Finger update? Can you guess which one is the before and after x-ray?
I'll give you a hint, the first one is not the "before" x-ray. It is approximately eight weeks out now, and the doctors have told me that my finger should have full functionality. There is no need to re-break it or anything! I am currently going through physical therapy, and I guess my finger will just have to have some "character." So no more Chinese doctor for me cause I think I'm on a fast track for recovery!

A couple of very important decisions have presented themselves in the past few weeks. I am registering for classes, as well as considering graduate school at Georgia Tech for Mechanical Engineering. Now I know most of you are thinking, "I don't want to hear about grad school, I haven't even thought about undergraduate schooling yet!" But let me tell you this, I don't care. Just listen. Within the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, you actually have the great opportunity of not only co-oping and studying abroad, but also enlist in the Bachelors/Masters (BSMS) Program. What is the BSMS Program you may ask? What a smart kid. Let me tell you. The BSMS Program allows you to enroll to get your Bachelors (first degree from college) in Mechanical Engineering as well as your Masters (second degree from college) in Mechanical Engineering. And it allows you to double up some of your classes to count for both degrees! This means, you can graduate in five years with both degrees. Isn't that RADICAL?!

I recently read an article about how your life is directed by the questions you ask. Think about this, when you ask a question, it comes with certain answers, these answers come with certain emotions, these emotions come with certain actions, and these actions have certain results. If you limit yourself with certain questions that you ask such as, "Why am I so unlucky?" You are only living in regret. When asking the right question, "What am I grateful for? How can I move forward and learn from this?" You can move forward and empower yourself to improve your life. Well, I am taking this thought by the horns. I did terrible in a phone interview with Apple last Friday. As I self reflect, I look to improve myself. To move on and learn from my first phone interview and make myself a stronger candidate for the next time or the next potential employer. If you are ever feeling down, instead of pitying yourself, look to how you can improve. Empower yourself! Wow, I sound like one of those, "How to change your life and empower yourself" audiotapes.

My hectic week of work, physical therapy, and morale leader interviews ended on Friday as I jumped in one of my fraternity brother's cars, and we rode down to Indian Springs for Brotherhood Retreat. Except... we went down to the wrong Indian Springs. Instead of being an hour and a half, it took us five hours as we back tracked back across I-75 through I-85. The good part, I had a belly full of Tin Drum and Zaxby's. I got a chance to spend the rest of the weekend playing brotherhood football, playing board games, and chatting around a fire.

Great few weeks capped off with an even greater weekend.

Virginia Tech, bring it. Google application, in progress. BSMS application, also in progress.